Episode 16: James Scarlett (2000 Trees and ArcTanGent Festival)

Episode 16 is Liam in the middle of a filed talking to James Scarlett. One of the masterminds behind ArcTanGent and Two Thousand Trees Festival.

James is the guy who books all the acts for the two festivals that have catered to the punk scene over the years. James has done more than most to make sure his lineups are full of British punk acts. ArcTanGent and Two Thousand Trees Festival have grown at a rapid level but still sticks to its DIY and moral ethics.

Liam and James talk musical taste while also get a better understanding of how the two festival even came to be. They also discuss a topic that has hit the headlines the past couple of weeks, The lack of woman headling festivals. Liam gets eaten by horse flies, and James talks about the time he nearly booked Ed Sheeran before he became a megastar. They also speak of the demise of other festivals and what makes an excellent festival atmosphere plus much more.

As always we hand over the end of the podcast to you. This week Block Parents from Cambridge, Ontario Canada play out the show.

If you are in a band or a solo act and want to play out the podcast, then send me an mp3 to punksinpubs@gmail.com

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